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We started fly-fishing in Mongolia back in 1991

Mongolia River Outfitters provides guided fly-fishing adventures for taimen, Amur trout, lenok, grayling, and Amur pike. We run Mongolia’s only drift-boat operations: Mongolia River Outfitters and Fish Mongolia. We started fly-fishing in Mongolia back in 1991 and have run extraordinary Mongolia adventures since 1993. A world-class professional fly-fishing team dedicated to protecting Mongolian rivers and taimen.

“It was the most incredible
travel experience of my life.”

Ross Purnell – editor, Fly Fisherman Magazine




A trip to Mongolia is perhaps the world’s greatest fly-fishing adventure. Taimen grow to immense sizes and hammer flies with a predatory aggression unlike any other freshwater fish. Traveling anglers return year after year to Mongolia’s remote streams to experience the challenge and joy of taimen fishing. We have explored every major taimen river in the country and personally selected what we believe to be the finest rivers for fly angling. On all trips, you explore a new stream section every day without having to shuttle back to camp.

Upper River Adventure

6 days fishing

Lower River Expedition 

8 days fishing


14 days fishing

River and fish


Taimen are powerful predators. They exist at the top of the food chain. Their strike is ferocious, thrilling, and unmatched by any other freshwater species. Casting for these beautiful and ancient creatures is highly addictive.

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Mongolia’s fisheries are diverse. With hundreds of miles of blue-ribbon water and phenomenal numbers of Amur trout, Mongolian lenok and grayling, this may be some of the planet’s best trout fishing.


This river is ideal for fly fishing. It flows through dramatic, sparsely populated, and highly varied landscapes. And the fishery is exceptionally healthy, with great water quality, high species diversity, and unspoiled riparian habitat.


Mongolia River Outfitters was established in the late 1990s for the specific purpose of catalyzing taimen conservation. Our prime concern is maintaining this amazing fishery and its associated cultural and wilderness values.

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