Upper River Adventure:

US$ 6,450 per person (US$ 5,950 + US$ 500 conservation fee.)
Lower River Expedition: 
US$ 6,450 per person (US$ 5,950 + US$ 500 conservation fee.)
Combination Trip: 
US$ 10,975 per person (US$ 10,475 + US$ 500 conservation fee).
(Prices are based upon double occupancy)

Trips begin and end in Mongolia’s capital city, Ulaanbaatar, known by both locals and tourists as UB. The price includes two nights hotel in UB, airport transfers, transportation to/from the river, fishing permits, guide services, and all meals, lodging, soft drinks, beer, wine, and classic Mongolian vodka at camp. Price does not include international airfare, meals and drinks in UB, and gratuities. Prices are based upon double occupancy. 

Most trips are booked well in advance. MRO is quite fortunate to have a very high level of returning guests, with many anglers who have fished with us multiple times. We request a 50%, non-refundable advance payment to hold your reservation and payment in full at least 120 days prior to departure. Payments by check, wire transfer, or credit card.

Trips run from the end of August to the middle of October; four upper river adventures and three lower river expeditions.
Upper River Adventure: Aug 30 – Sep 7, Sep 13 – Sep 21,
Sep 27 – Oct 5, Oct 11 – Oct 20.
Lower River Expedition: Sep 5 – 15, Sep 19 – 29, Oct 3 – 13.
Combination Upper/Lower: Please inquire with us.

On all MRO trips, you explore a new section of river every day without having to shuttle back to camp. We spend our time fishing the river rather than sitting in a vehicle or motorboat. Step into a drift boat after breakfast, float downstream with your guide, and arrive at the next camp before sunset. The pace is relaxed and your guide can identify promising stretches to walk and wade, if you wish. Each boat accommodates two guests and one guide. Single supplements are available.

Catch and Release/Fly Fishing Only
The river was the first in Mongolia to be legally designated catch-and-release, fly-fishing only for all international anglers. We insist that all clients practice catch-and-release fly-fishing using single, barbless hooks. It takes a taimen approximately seven years to reach sexual maturity, and a truly large fish can be 25 or 30 years old. Even in the healthiest of rivers, their population densities are not high. Treating these amazing animals with care and respect is of paramount importance.

Non-Fishing Activities
Mongolia is an amazing country, and the valley where we fish has many important cultural sites. On request, we can arrange for guided horseback riding, hiking, or cultural visits.

Travel and Visas
The three-letter airport code for Ulaanbaatar is ULN. Ulaanbaatar (ULN) is served by regularly scheduled flights from many European and Asian hubs, including Beijing, Frankfurt, Hong Kong, Istanbul, Moscow, Seoul, and Tokyo. International air carriers include Aeroflot, Air China, Korean Air, MIAT, and Turkish Airways.
US citizens do not currently require a visa prior to arrival in Mongolia. Please inquire with us regarding visa regulations for other nationalities.

Mongolia’s weather is generally dry but can change quickly. You should pack as if you were planning to visit Montana in the fall. There might be rain or even snow, but it’s far more likely that September days will be sunny and warm (60 to 70 degrees Fahrenheit, or 15 to 20 C). As unbelievable as this might sound, it’s not unusual to begin an autumn day wearing a wool cap and neoprene gloves then be wet-wading after lunch. Evenings will generally be cool, with occasional frost. Snow squalls can occur in any month, but become more likely in October. One benefit of snow, however, is a decrease in water temperature; this can trigger a burst of feeding activity by roving packs of hungry taimen.

Packing and Planning
We provide guests with a comprehensive packing list prior to departure. Guests are responsible for bringing their own rods, waders, and other fishing gear, except for flies. Although you are welcome to experiment – our guides often set up a tying station after dinner – we will supply proven patterns for both taimen and trout. 

Fishing Permits
Mongolian law requires that every angler obtain a variety of fishing permits, including a specific national permit for taimen. Only a very few registered outfitters can legally obtain taimen permits. Each permit costs several hundred dollars.
On the rivers we fish, there are additional restrictions and active enforcement. We arrange for all permits in advance and have long-term operations and conservation agreements with all relevant government agencies.
If you choose another outfitter, please be certain that you are fishing legally. The outfitter must have an official agreement providing access to a healthy taimen river before they can even purchase permits for you. Permission must be secured from national, state, and local governments. Without the proper permits, you risk a heavy fine, loss of equipment, deportation, or imprisonment. This sounds harsh, but too many innocent anglers have ended up in this unfortunate situation.

Ulaanbaatar Support
The Mongolia River Outfitters office is located in downtown Ulaanbaatar, where our experienced staff can provide assistance during your stay. We supply you with contact numbers before your arrival, and have staff available around the clock.




If you’re interested in joining one of these amazing adventures, please contact us. We’re more than happy to send additional information or to set up a time to call and talk.