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The Camps

Mongolia River Outfitters is the "water" division of Nomadic Journeys, a tourism operator with two decade’s experience running distinctive cultural and natural history tours to Mongolia’s outback. We bring this knowledge and same level of service to the angling trips.

Every year, we establish a string of camps along the river. Each camp is rustic but very comfortable, much like being on an African tented safari.  The ger camps on the upper river are a bit more luxurious with a central dining ger and sleeping gers, linens, and wood burning stoves. Lower river tented camps are a bit more rugged, allowing anglers to access a beautiful and highly remote stretch of river.  On the lower river, there is a spacious, insulated wall-tent with a wood-burning stove for socializing and sharing meals and guests stay in very large North Face tents with sleeping cots.  All of the camps have simple hot shower facilities. 

The camps are designed as places to relax after a wonderful day on the river.  Each camp reflects Mongolian traditions and is well integrated with the country’s natural surroundings. There are no generators or stereos, only the sounds of the trees and the water, the lights of candles and wood stoves, and the sparkling night stars.

Mongolia reminds many folks of the American West before dams, ubiquitous paved roads, and barbed wire fences came along. Mongolians continue to make the most of this unfettered landscape, still following a unique nomadic, horse-riding lifestyle with deep, Tibetan Buddhist roots and a serious respect for nature. Mongolian culture venerates hospitality and the camp staff is no exception.  They are wonderful, hard-working, fun, and highly attentive folks. You’ll have a great time getting to know them and they will make your visit memorable.

Bogi, everyone’s favorite cook, has been with us for nearly a decade.  We like to eat and drink well and she’s up to the challenge. The food is fresh, diverse and very well suited to Western tastes.  The coffee is usually hot, the beer cold and the wine very palatable!  The resident Buryat people are famous for their homemade bread, butter and blueberry jam. Lunches are served streamside. Catering for individual diet requirements is generally no problem at all.  


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How much I enjoyed my stay (and fishing) in Mongolia.  It was literally the highlight of our holiday in that part of the world.
Francine L, Montreal, Canada

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